Lonestar Room

The Lonestar Room

The Lonestar Room occupies 8,000 sq ft and has a capacity around 1,000 people. If seated at tables, the venue comfortably fits about 400 guests with spacious room for dining and socializing. Adjacent to the Brazos Room and along the Lamar St side of the facility, the Lonestar Room has a simple, rustic appeal with aged brick interior walls, wood accents and soft lighting throughout the expansive special event venue. A single room with no internal walls or other obstructions, the openness of the venue is possibly its best feature.

Simple decor, spaciousness and high ceilings provide decorators the flexibility to transform the room to fit the theme of any event and to accommodate large groups equally without sacrificing the line-of-sight of any guests. Centrally located within the complex, the venue can be quickly accessed from either the main Gilley’s Dallas lobby or directly through an entrance on the Lamar St of the facility. Though the Lonestar Room is so central, it is well insulated from the noise and traffic of other events taking place in the complex.

Hundreds of events take place inside the Lonestar Room each year and it is favored by event planners for dinners, banquets, company events, seminars and conferences, large weddings, performances and company parties. Multiple double doors open to the complex’s wide hallways, which can add the perception of even greater space and take advantage of natural light from the Lamar St entrance. Mobile bars and catering are often set up along the walls of the venue, providing scalable space for serving guests without taking up useful square footage. The Lonestar Room is fully equipped with the resources necessary to produce world-class corporate events and private parties.