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Corporate Events

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The simple answer, of course, is to book as far in advance as possible. Dallas venues are in the business of staying booked solid with events all year round. There are definitely periods every year where the event business is especially busy, but its always season for some kind of event. The Texas wedding season is generally the fall, but that isn’t to say that people still don’t get married frequently in the Spring. Company parties happen more often during the holidays, but conventions and other corporate events take place more frequently during the Spring and Summer months.

The reality is that you can expect Friday and Saturday nights to fill up first, often six months or further in advance. Many corporate events in Dallas are annual and look to repeat the event at more or less the same time each year. With annual events and holiday weekends occupying a substantial percentage of the available weekend dates, the remaining days are in high demand.

The larger the event, the more advisable it is to book far in advance. Conventions and large corporate events are difficult to arrange without having a firm date and a clear understanding of what’s possible at the host venue. It is not uncommon for a corporate event to book a full year or more in advance; especially if it is booked in conjunction with a convention. Renting equipment, hiring workers and planning décor, production and even the event schedule all revolve around the way the facility your event is hosted at is arranged, staffed and managed. It’s a very good idea to select the venue first and to make all your specific event plans after your date and your venue are booked.

Smaller, more personal events like weddings don’t have to be booked quite as far in advance. Weddings are usually booked one to two full seasons in advance, so book your wedding the Spring before the Fall of the wedding and so on. Other personal celebrations like weddings, bar mitzvahs for example or birthday celebrations should, ideally, be booked around the same amount of time. However, if your celebration doesn’t fall on a weekend date you may be able to delay booking longer.

The moral is, book your events far, far in advance if possible. Think a year out or more for corporate events, or at the very least 6 months ahead. You will need that much time to arrange the other event details like décor, menus, sponsors and who knows what else. For personal celebrations, the window can be three to six months; but plan further out if you need a weekend or holiday date.

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Hosting a corporate party provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to brand themselves and interact with customers and clients on a new level. When hosting an event, its helpful to think of attendees as future loyal customers, instead of just immediate purchasers. The ultimate goal should be to interact with your audience, and ultimately form a relationship with your customers. The first step of this process relies heavily on branding; in order for your audience to become consistent buyers, they have to remember your company first.

The mood and ambience of your event can make a huge difference–so the decor must be careful considered. Corporate venue spaces are often large, and easily manipulated for difference settings.Decor also provides ample opportunity to incorporate your brand in innovative ways.

Gobo Lights
Gobo light systems allow you to easily brand your event by creating a custom shape or image that is projected on a wall, ceiling, or any other convenient surface.The light itself can be one-color or multi-colored, and either stationary or moving. The gobo is a piece of steel or glass that can be custom cut to your desired image. This piece then attaches to a light and the pattern is easily projected!

These lights are a great option for businesses because you can customize the piece to include your logo, or other branding images. For those with space concerns, this decor option takes up minimal room, and can virtually be used anywhere. If you’re trying to catch the attention of bystanders passing your event, you can shine the lights on exterior walls to create a dramatic effect using your brand name.

Color Palette
Colors really help set the tone of your event, so try and choose colors that compliment your brand’s style. If you are focusing on a new product, or specific part of your brand, center your colors around those items. Don’t be too obvious with your color integration–rather, save those splashes of color for special items. By using company colors, or colors within the same family, it will be much easier to incorporate your logo and other branding items seamlessly into the decor.

Most successful events have catering, which you can easily adjust to compliment your brand.

Fruit Carvings
Fruit carvings are a fun, fresh way to incorporate your logo into your menu. If you are serving buffet style, a large fruit carving makes a wonderful centerpiece. Most often, brand related menu items are concept related–but a fruit carving can display specific images, or logos.

Speciality Menu Items
Talk closely with your corporate event planner or caterer about integrating speciality menu items that compliment your brand or campaign. Even just cleverly naming dishes can add a nice touch–and shows your audience you are detail oriented.

Interactive Opportunities
Corporate events allow for customers to experience your brand in a new, more casual way. You should take advantage of this comfort and interact with your audience–ideally to get feedback on your products.

Provide opportunities for attendees to take home a piece of the experience. There are plenty of innovative ways to incorporate your brand or logo into products that are useful for consumers. Even simple classics such as specialized bottle openers can be really well received by customers.

If possible, provide samples of your product for attendees to either try at the event, or take home with them. This interaction also provides an excellent opportunity to collect feedback; customers always appreciate when their voice is heard.

Event Staff Uniforms
It is quite typical for corporate events to have multiple third party companies working together to host the party. You can always provide valet services, the catering staff, security, etc. with uniforms that represent your brand.

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There are a lot of options in Dallas, TX for hosting events, from small rooms to giant ballrooms and, of course, the Dallas Convention Center. Different events require different venues in Dallas due to capacity, special features and convenience to guests. Smaller private parties like weddings, receptions, bar mitzvahs, etc. can be held in any type of venue and the decision often comes down to aesthetics and the cost of renting the venue. Large events like banquets, corporate events and conventions, on the other hand, have special needs that smaller clubs and venues can’t accommodate. Corporate events are much more complicated endeavors that often involve professional entertainment, audio/video production, custom catering, valet parking and other services that only a few venues can already provide.

Production, catering and other large-scale event necessities can be brought in from multiple outside companies; but it’s definitely not the ideal situation. Ideally the majority of the resources required to produce an event should exist either at the venue hosting the event, or should be easily accessible through partnerships with outside vendors. It can be disastrous to rely on unproven vendors, especially in a new venue in which there is no working familiarity between vendors and venue staff.

Setting yourself up to succeed at producing a corporate event means covering the bases well and not letting problems go unnoticed or unattended. In a large-scale event, it is impossible to be in all places at once, so its very important to be able to trust venue staff to take care of any special circumstances that may arise. Likewise, its certainly more convenient when every Dallas caterer, production engineer and designer work for companies used to doing business together. Corporate catering staff, should function seamlessly with the venue’s cleaning staff to provide the highest level of service to guests.

Dallas venues that meet the standards required by most corporate events are fairly few in number, but each produces quality events in their own right. Listed below are each of the venues in Dallas and nearby areas that specialize in hosting corporate events.

Corporate Event Venues In Dallas

Gilley’s Dallas
Known as much for its celebrity in music and film history, Gilley’s Dallas is a 90,000+ sq ft entertainment complex featuring several different venues, a restaurant and regular live music concerts. Extremely spacious, Gilley’s Dallas is the perfect fit for corporate events, banquets, conventions and other large-scale special events.

South Side Ballroom
Part of the massive Gilley’s Dallas complex, South Side Ballroom occupies approximately 23,000 sq ft of the complex in one giant room. Featuring enough sound and lighting equipment to satisfy any national touring performance the venue has plenty of production and space to accommodate any corporate event.

South Side Music Hall
Smaller than South Side Ballroom, but including all the same quality production and other amenities included in venues at the Gilley’s Dallas complex. Located adjacent to Palladium and with capacity for approximately 1,500 guests, the music hall is the perfect option for events with big production needs targeting smaller numbers of guests.

Dallas Convention Center
Dallas’ largest special event space, the convention center and convention visitor’s bureau attract world-class conventions and trade shows where attendance is estimated in the tens of thousands. Conventions often attract satellite events put on by participating organizations. Hotels and other Dallas venues are located in close proximity to the convention center to attract business from the facility’s many guests.

Most major hotel brands have established a presence in Dallas and are recognizable members of the downtown Dallas skyline. Sheraton, Westin, Fairmont, Ritz-Carlton, Adams Mark and other trusted hotel chains are trustworthy venues and maintain full calendars of corporate events, small and large. Obviously, the most attractive feature of hosting events with hotels is the convenience of simultaneously providing hotel accommodations to event guests.

Plaza Of The Americas
Events are hosted here through the year, because of direct access to the Westin City Center, Adam’s Mark and central location in downtown Dallas. Like with a major hotel chain, the most attractive feature of the facility, besides its beautiful aesthetics, is the convenience of its almost-all-inclusive environment.

South Fork Ranch
Famous for being the ranch in the classic tv show Dallas, one of television’s most fanatically-adored series, the South Fork Ranch attracts many thousands of guests each year. Many people just want to see the historical ranch for nostalgic reasons, but the venue also hosts a variety of annual and corporate events in the mansion or across the expansive ranch grounds.

The Glass Cactus
Developed fairly recently and designed specifically to host large productions, conventions, gala events and other big parties, The Glass Cactus combines the convenience of a hotel with the attractions of an entertainment venue. Located only a few miles from DFW International Airport, The Glass Cactus is a convenient option for the largest of corporate events.

Eddie Deen’s
Eddy has a long history hosting and catering events in conjunction with the Dallas Convention Center, conveniently located just across the street from Eddy Deen’s facility. Best known for Texas BBQ catering and western-themed events, Eddie Deen’s is suitable for many types of events and is immediately accessible to guests of the DCC.

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Eating and drinking together has been part of socializing since the dawn of time and it is an important part of bringing people closer together. Most special events are catered in some form or another, from passed appetizers to buffets to full course fine dining. Catering will be a necessity for any corporate event, celebration, conference or other special event.

Try to think of catering as an opportunity rather than an obligation; a chance to impress your guests with all the little details. There are many different types of caterers, from restaurants that deliver items from their menu to full service catering companies who can produce any type of food you desire. For the scale events that happen most often at Gilley’s Dallas, we prefer to work with the most experienced and most capable caterer in Dallas and FT Worth; G Texas Catering. With more than 8 years producing large scale special events in Texas, G Texas Catering has the skilled staff and resources to take on challenging events with special needs. Every special event will be different and will incorporate a different theme than the next and the catering should complement the event uniquely. For that reason G Texas Catering works with each client to design a custom catering menu to reflect the event’s theme and to accommodate the preferences and special dietary needs of each audience.

Of course, over the years G Texas Catering has discovered some of our favorite dishes tend to be crowd-pleasers as well, from a variety of classic barbecue recipes, southwestern dishes, hearty Italian dishes and of course mouthwatering steaks, brisket and other smoked meats. Work with our Dallas event planners to find inspiration for your custom catering menu, matching your event’s color theme, the favorite recipes of your guests and other factors to create an impressive culinary presentation for your special event.

Have You Considered…

  • Where Are Your Guests From?
    Sometimes people are adventurous when it comes to eating… Sometimes not. Knowing how to please everyone’s palette can be difficult, but understanding where people come from is a great place to start. Perhaps include traditional dishes that your guests should be accustomed to eating, to make everyone feel at home at your special event.
  • What Dishes Go Well With Your Theme?
    With our background in Texas history, many of the events we produce incorporate a western theme. Authentic Texas food favorites like barbecue and smoked brisket complement any western themed party. Of course, your event may not have a western theme, but depending on where your inspiration originates from our catering chefs may be able to suggest delicious ideas.
  • Do Any Of Your Guests Have Special Dietary Needs?
    Naturally its difficult to make every meal perfect for every guest, but you can always include a few special items for the selective or restricted diners with special needs. From allergies to religious beliefs, consult with our event planners to create a balanced catering menu with something for everyone.
  • How Much Do You Want To Spend Per Person?
    Yes, your guests might be very impressed with the Surf n Turf package and a fine dining presentation, but depending on the size of your party that might be overkill both in cost and production. Eating well is not always about eating expensively and though our chefs are certainly capable of producing a world class fine dining experience, your guests may prefer something less formal and friendly to your budget. In the end, the cost will be affected most by how many guests are in attendance. Based on your expected attendance our event planners will scale your menu to stay within your budget, so its important to be confident in that number.

The most important consideration in planning a custom catering menu is deciding which FT Worth or Dallas caterer you trust to produce great food that meets your expectations. G Texas Catering and Gilley’s Dallas work as partners, dedicated to the same standard of excellent service and will work hard to earn your business. Take a moment to speak with one of our Dallas event planners today!

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