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JFK Symposium to be held in South Side Ballroom at Gilley's Dallas on Nov 2nd 2013.

JFK Symposium to be held in South Side Ballroom at Gilley’s Dallas on Nov 2nd 2013

There’s no doubt that the assassination of John F Kennedy in 1963 sent shock waves through Dallas and the rest of the world. It spawned countless books, films, websites that have tried to explore the JFK Assassination and it’s various conspiracies or lack thereof. Now, thanks to The Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture we have a gathering of thought leaders and scholars to discuss the impact it had on Dallas. Join us as national and local leaders and experts come together to explore the topic with Dallas citizens from four perspectives: Journalism; Politics; Art and the Humanities; and Religion. The organizers have stated that this type of event will not happen again for another 50 years, so don’t miss out!

This event will happen on November 2nd in the South Side Ballroom, here at Gilley’s Dallas.

Learn a little more about the JFK Assassination’s and what’s been uncovered in the past 50 years on this meticulously curated website by Dallas Morning News.

Buy Tickets to Understanding Tragedy: The Impact of the JFK Assassination on Dallas.

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Every year at the beginning of Fall, the town of Lewisville brings together hundreds of vendors, community members and musicians for its Western Days Festival. Highlighting the long-standing character and small town appeal of Old Town Lewisville, the Western Days festival attracts thousands of people throughout the two day affair. Focused on family-friendly festivities, the festival boasts the national tamale eating contest, 5 stages, a car show, an inflatable play area, hundreds of vendors and more.

After having such an outstanding time last year, Gilley’s Dallas will be back at Western Days from Sept. 28-29 for a full Gilley’s Lewisville experience. Holding true to both the authentic Texas nature of Gilley’s and the quaint small town feel of Lewisville, our booth area will feature decorative touches and entertainment highlighting the best in Western traditions.

Housed within the MCL Grand Courtyard area, Gilley’s Lewisville will have a music stage featuring artists throughout the weekend. As always, Gilley’s will be partnering with the MCL Grand preferred vendor and fellow sponsor, G Texas Catering, to provide authentic Texas barbecue, bar service and more throughout the festival.

Tickets to Western Days are free through the event’s website in advance or $20 at the gate. The event runs from 7-11:30pm on Friday, Sept. 28 and 10am-11:30pm on Saturday, Sept. 29. For a full schedule of live entertainment and a list of vendors, visit the Western Days website.

Western Days Map

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Branding is everywhere. Creating a strong customer connection to your company or product is key to success. An extremely effective way to do this is through physical interaction–ideally, through events. Making sure your company’s brand stands out at an event without being too invasive can be difficult, but it’s important to create an effective balance.

Many corporate events in Dallas use various types of signage, gobos, and even printed napkins, name badges, and all sorts of party favors. Aside from these, however, you may also ask a Dallas event planner to know more about how companies boost branding in social events and parties.

While these branding tools can add costs–consider it a necessary expense. Learning how to effectively pick and choose the best promotional items will save you big bucks in the long run. Also, the profit returns from the sales conversion of how much market you reached at a certain event will more than make up for all the additional costs. You should really consider including branding at Dallas corporate events to your marketing strategies.

To give you an idea of how much it would cost you to establish your company’s brand in one of your social events, here is a list of the most common branding tools with their estimated costs.

There are various types of signage that could be used for your social event. You could choose from banners, posters, signs, and vinyl banners, These could vary in length and design depending on how you would like to portray your branding. The cost of having a signage starts at around $30 for banner signs and $0.99 per square feet for vinyl banners.

Another way to establish branding at corporate events in Dallas is by using a gobo light. Gobos are surely a fun way to promote your brand! These are special light projections that come in the shape of your logo or the product that you are promoting. Light projections may dance throughout the floor and walls or made to focus on a specific spot in your chosen venue in Dallas. There are lots of gobo designers in Dallas, which could copy your company’s logo unto a gobo for an average minimum price of $55.

Party favors
Of course, to ensure that your guests will remember your company and/or the product, you have to send a sample promotion with them. How? By giving away party favors before guests actually leave the venue. Among the most preferred party favors in corporate events and social parties are pens, notepads, mugs, and glasses. The more modern form of party favors, especially to those in the information technology industry are USBs or SD cards printed with the company’s logo. Others stay formal and business-like with their party favors and give their guests pens, notebooks, and card holders.

Party favors could be custom-printed with your company’s logo and/or designed specifically to portray your company. The standard cost for ordering printed party favors ranges from $0.31 to $1.81 depending on the item you want to be your party favor as well as the size of your company logo.

For a more detailed and up to date costs for branding tools, look for an event planner in Dallas. These people wouldn’t only provide you with estimate costs for specific type of branding, but may also point you to the most trained producer of branding tools and products.

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Headed to the heart of Texas and looking for the best sights Dallas has to offer? The city has a lot to offer – from parks and extraordinary nightlife to conventions and other national corporate events. To give you a glimpse of what the city has to offer, here are some of the best sights that Dallas is most proud of and worthy of a local or tourist visitor.

Embodying highlights of what Texas has to offer is Gilley’s Dallas. Gilley’s definitely has everything you’re looking for when visiting the city. From live concerts, expansive corporate event settings, and Dallas conventions to exquisite cuisine and fine dining, Gilley’s offers various experiences for different types of guests. Gilley’s Dallas is an excellent option for corporate events or conventions. Gilley’s Dallas is just South of downtown, but offers ample parking space, customizable rooms, a well trained staff, live music and authentic Texan food in the Jack Daniels Saloon.

  • Dealey Plaza

A National Historic Landmark where John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963, the Dealey Plaza is one of the most visited places in the city. The place has been preserved, including all buildings and structures visible from the assassination site, and is open for people to see and visit–especially those who want to specific information and conspiracy theories on the assassination. Much of the plaza has stayed (and is continuously being restored), although parking lots and transportation have been improved to make the plaza more accessible.

  • The Old Red Museum

If you are into historical discoveries, then you should definitely see Dallas’ The Old Red Museum. History is evident not only in its vast galleries but also in the building itself, which have gone through several transformations throughout the years to be able to bring you its magnificent restoration. The museum boasts of its many authentic features and architectural elements that clearly display an important piece of the Dallas county history.

  • Deep Ellum

A famous district in Dallas that houses the best live music venues, event centers, art galleries, restaurants, and bars in the city are found. If you are looking for a one stop place to see everything from art galleries, finest Dallas restaurants, and local music, Deep Ellum is where you should be.

  • Greenville Avenue

Most known for its unique bars and restaurants, Greenville Avenue offers a one-of-a-kind Dallas nightlife to all visitors of Dallas, Texas. It also hosts local festivals including the St. Patrick Day’s Parade. Because of the wonderful food and music experience that Greenville Avenue provides, it is now considered as one of Dallas’ landmark food and entertainment locations.

  • Southfork Ranch

Southfork Ranch is known worldwide as America’s most famous ranch where the “Dallas” television series was filmed. It has various event options for any number of guests and visitors and is a three-time winner of the “Facility of the Year” award from the DFW Chapter of Meeting Professionals International.

These Dallas venues should be the first ones to visit when you’re in the city. These will not only provide you with the complete Texan experience but also with a rich culture and history of Texas. So the next time you’re in the city, be sure to stop by.

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Aside from the menu and decorations, you should also consider the appropriate entertainment for your event. Entertainment keeps the party adds another element to a corresponding them and keeps guests occupied.

Choosing the right kind of entertainment for your event will help set the appropriate atmosphere and help keep your guests positive, ensuring they have a memorable and truly enjoyable experience. There are several factors to consider when deciding on entertainment–the overall theme of your event, where the event will be held, and your personal preferences. Of course, it is your party; so it should, in some way, reflect your personality.

The type of entertainment to choose for your event should be suitable with the event’s theme and venue. Most themes and venues are fairly flexible with any kind of party entertainment. In fact, Dallas venues work well with various kinds of entertainment for virtually any type of party. To help you choose which entertainment to use for your event, here are some types of entertainment frequently used in Dallas.

  1. Musicians – Musicians could either be primary performers to your event or be assigned to play music in the background. In Dallas, however, live Texas music, including live band performances, is often preferred in most parties.

  1. DJs – Songs are carefully chosen based on the party’s theme and/or its level of formality. Most special events in Dallas use DJs as a form of entertainment because it provides nice background music throughout the event but does not distract guests from the main event of the party.

  1. Comedians – If you want a lighter and more humorous mood for your party, you can choose to hire comedians for entertainment. You can choose between individual stand up comedians, improv troupes or even skit groups.

  1. Western Theme – Considering its culture, Dallas is famous for throwing parties with western themed entertainment. Besides playing live music from Texas, western entertainment includes having gun spinners, whip artists, and trick ropers.

  1. Cigar Rollers – One of the most used types of entertainment in Dallas is hiring cigar rollers. These are people who roll cigars with custom cigar brands. Aside from western themed event and special events, this also works well in wedding occasions, product launches, and corporate parties in most venues in Dallas.

  1. Mechanical Bull Rides – To further compliment your western themed party in Dallas, you should definitely hire mechanical bull rides. This will not only spice up your party but will also entertain your guests for hours, plus it’s a really good way to get your guests to loosen up!

  1. Karaoke – If you love to sing, this is the best type of entertainment for your party. Having karaoke machines in your party allows you and your guests to sing specifically chosen songs and entertain yourselves.

  1. Electronic Games – Although most often seen in kids’ and teens’ birthday parties, this type of entertainment could also be used in commercial events and product launches. Various types of electronic games will be strategically laid out in the party venue where your guests will be able to easily play with them while still having room to move around and socialize.

  1. GoGo Dancers – This form of entertainment compliments a western event perfectly well. When used with mechanical bull rides and cigar rollers, you’ll surely have one successful western event.

  1. Casino Games – If you are looking to hold a Las Vegas themed party, casino games is your kind of entertainment. There are various kinds of casino games that you could use for your party like slot machines, poker, roulette, and bingo. Having casino games on your event will also help your guests get to know each other and socialize.

A well planned event in a compatible venue complete with organized decorations, suitable menu, and corresponding entertainment will surely result to a very successful party, one that your guests will not forget. Ensuring the entertainment you choose is highly compatible with your event’s venue and theme will give your party a sense of completeness and quality. Adding your personal tastes and preferences in every aspect of planning will further ensure that your event will be unique.

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Weddings stand as a huge special event–especially in American culture. It is one of the occasions that we precisely prepare for, ensuring everything is perfect! Despite that need for control, it’s often worth it to give way to mother nature and host your wedding outside. Outdoor Texas weddings are extremely popular because of our open landscapes, and (generally) favorable climate.

Depending on the theme or style of your wedding, the time of year should match accordingly. For example, beach themed weddings are typically in the summer, while ice themed weddings should of course be set during the winter. Outdoor weddings in Texas are quite popular during October for a mild temperature setting (averging between 60-80 degrees) and more reliably good weather. Many weather channel websites offer wedding planning pages that help research average temperatures and weather patterns during certain parts of the year.

Aside from the temperature and weather, there are several other things that you might want to consider and plan for if you want to have a successful outdoor wedding. To make the planning easier, you should consider hiring a professional Dallas event planner with lots of experience in outdoor weddings.

Among the many things you have to plan ahead for in an indoor wedding, you should also plan for the additional elements below to ensure a successful outdoor wedding:

  1. Seating

Having an outdoor wedding provides you with massive space which you and your event planner in Dallas could decorate and arrange in virtually any way. With regard to seating, however, there are lots of factors to consider to ensure that your guests are comfortable. Primarily, you should arrange your guests’ seating so that they are not facing the sun. Also, ensure that the elevation of your venue will not cause discomfort to your guests.

  1. Audio Productions

To ensure that everyone can hear the ceremony in a wide open space, you should look for and rent a sound system that is built for outdoor events. While most wedding venues in Dallas offer the appropriate sound systems, there are many audio production companies throughout Dallas that can accommodate for outdoor events. Typically, weddings include a sound system with appropriately sized speakers and clip mikes for the bride, groom, and officiant.

  1. Catering

Be sure to inform your Dallas wedding caterer that you are having an outdoor wedding because this little detail can sometimes affect the preparation, presentation and menu. Your caterer will be able to prepare meals that are more appropriate for outdoor events, specifically those that will be able to last long outdoors. Meals that needs to be kept cold are sometimes avoided, especially with little access to refrigeration methods or during a sunny, summer wedding.

  1. Indoor Option

Of course, sudden weather changes could happen anytime so it is highly suggested to have an indoor back up plan in case of inclement weather. Your event planner should be able to arrange the transferring of your guests from your outdoor setting to a nearby indoor room. Otherwise, if you don’t want all the hassle of transferring, you can opt to rent a sturdy tent, which is also good to shade your guests from the sun if your wedding is scheduled during daytime.

In addition to these basics, you may also want to consider serving cold drinks like lemonades and punches. For longer weddings during the day, avoid excessive alcohol consumption to avoid dehydration! With regard to decorations,minimal decorations can go a long way–as the natural landscape of your outdoor venue provides an appealing backdrop. Choose colors and little decorative accents that will compliment your natural outdoor background.

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Venues and decorations must work together harmoniously to create an appropriate atmosphere for special events. Some Dallas venues may provide their own access to a wide selection of decorations, while others may choose to work with a third party company. Depending on the theme and purpose of an event, it may be necessary to use both special event decoration companies and already available venue decorations. Often, simply changing lighting and adding drapes can transform large event spaces into intricately decorated affairs. Never underestimate the power of a gobo light or a well draped wall.

To decorate large special event venues, you could use various types of lighting and drapes. These simple decorations could transform your venue from dull and bare to brilliant and outstanding that will surely cerate the perfect ambience for your event. Here are some examples of how lighting and drapes could transform your venue, creating the impact that you would like for your event to make.

In this photo, the expert combination of mood lighting and drapes brought together the theme for this event in a subtle way without using too much decoration. This open space could be altered even further with tables, special event catering buffets, or staging.

Many evening parties utilize uplighting to create a dramatic focus on particular decorations or different parts of the room.

The same room used a different set of lights, which drastically changed the way the venue is presented. This mood is much more casual and less dramatic than the previous lighting setup due to color change and light focus.

Dramatic upward facing lights on the walls are balanced with soft patterned lights throughout the venue to add texture and depth. Different patterns and colors can be utilized to compliment different themes.

Revolving spotlights can create a particularly lively feel in an event space due to their motion and color options. Whether highlighting a stage or a dance floor, these lights add necessary vibrance to rooms that may otherwise need to stay somewhat open during an event.

In order to hide doorways or create a feeling of sophistication, drapes can be selectively placed near corners, doorways and hallways to add depth to otherwise large, open spaces.

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Click Here To Buy Tickets

Bikini season is finally here and Twin Peaks wants you to celebrate. From April 28 to May 16, Twin Peaks restaurants from Colorado Mills to Baton Rouge, LA are holding individual bikini contests in hopes to find the next Bikini All-Star. Every finalist will meet in Dallas at the Palladium Ballroom in Gilley’s Dallas on May 30th to compete for the title.

To stay updated on individual finalists at each restaurant throughout the month, be sure to like Twin Peaks Restaurant on Facebook. Twin Peaks is turning up the heat so be sure to catch all the action live at the Palladium on May 30th at 7:30pm. Tickets are on sale now for only $10!

Be sure to RSVP on Facebook too!

For a better idea of all the action to come, watch this recap video from last year’s contest.

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Getting married is not only a difficult decision to make, it is also a difficult event to plan and organize–especially for the couple. Even with a wedding planner or organizer, the couple still plays a heavy role in planning, particularly in deciding on the specific venue, reception area, invitations, caterer, guest lists, and vows. To help couples better organize their wedding planning, here is a short checklist:

  1. Budget

It is best to first set a budget and have financial boundaries. This will help keep the event financially organized, providing the couple with an unforgettable wedding while still allowing proficient funds for the honeymoon and the beginning of the marriage.

To determine a budget for the wedding, it would be helpful to set a specific size of the bridal party and the estimated number of guests to invite. This information will also help in estimating the amount of food to be served on the wedding and/or the number of seats to be reserved. It is important to remain practical when coming up with this figure. Always overestimate your needs–there will always be unexpected costs and budgeting those ahead of time can prevent disaster down the road.

  1. Wedding venue

The overall theme and ambiance should be determined before choosing a wedding venue as they typically go hand in hand. Even a very vague idea will help–indoor vs outdoor, formal vs casual, and so on. Local spaces offer a wide range of various styles and themes. Wedding venues in Dallas, such as Gilley’s Dallas, are also highly flexible and would surely be perfect for any couple’s dream wedding.

As an added tip, choose a wedding venue with a valet parking especially if you have guests that will be coming from other cities or states. Also, this would provide convenience for your guests, eliminate stress and pressure during the event, and ensure everyone enjoys the occasion.

  1. Food, catering services

There are various Dallas wedding caterers that offer different kinds of food and delicious menus for any number of guests. Often, food served during weddings is associated with the overall style and theme of the event and/or reflects a specific cultural tradition of the couple.

Catering for the wedding should be booked as early as possible since the couple will also have to sample the dishes, dessert, and wine before the wedding to ensure that everything is to the couple’s standards.

  1. Invitations

In addition deciding the wedding venue and caterer, invitations should also be prepared months before the wedding to ensure sufficient time for distribution. Similarly with the food, invitations often reflect the wedding’s color scheme and overall theme. Depending on the design of the invitation, it usually takes several weeks for printing so it is highly suggested to accomplish this as early as possible.

  1. Wedding attire

The wedding gown is often considered the main attraction in every wedding. The wedding dress typically highlights the bride’s natural qualities and tends to match the overall formality of the wedding. The groom and groomsmen’s attire should compliment each other and may also reflect the wedding’s theme through small details such as ties or handkerchiefs. Also, the groom’s attire should be unique, allowing the groom to be easily distinguished from the groomsmen and the rest of the guests.

  1. Photographer

Since this is one occasion that no one wants to forget, it is highly suggested to hire a professional photographer or videographer. While there is an endless number of professional photographers and videographers to choose from, looking for one at least several months before the wedding would ensure the couple of booking the best photographer for their wedding.Some weddings provide disposable cameras for guests to use throughout the reception for a more personalized photo album. These are still usually combined with professional shots–that way none of the guests have to focus too hard on taking photos and can have as much fun as possible.

  1. Florist

Flowers are also considered an attraction in every wedding and similarly with the attire, invitations, and venue, flowers often match the overall theme and style of the wedding. Aside from the bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres, flowers are also often used as table centerpieces and accessories for the venue.

Aside from these, other secondary aspects of a wedding that should be addressed include the music for the ceremony and the reception, attendants’ gifts, guest book, the reception program and other favors for the guests. Some couples also undergo a pre and post wedding pictorial that are sometimes included in the editing of their wedding video. Weddings are a special event in one’s life and should be truly unforgettable regardless of how it is celebrated or prepared.

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With emerging technologies comes an evolution in promotions and event planning. With over 800 million users and counting, Facebook has become the best way to target audiences on the Internet. Facebook collects data from basic profile information, active apps, “liked” pages and even keywords. The company tracks what you click on, from who, in order to aggregate your feed to provide you with the best, most relevant links and status updates. This information doesn’t just help users–but can also be used for Facebook ads and selective targeting. The easiest way to promote your event on Facebook is to create an event page–this allows users to easily RSVP, share the event and essentially serves as a landing page or homepage for your event.

Creating an event on Facebook

Promoting special events in Dallas on Facebook is very simple and easy. The application for creating events is specifically designed to help people plan and promote their parties very easily and with utmost comfort and convenience. If you have not yet used the events application on Facebook, below is a quick step-by-step guide.

1.Click the “Create an Event” button on the events application page on Facebook


2. Provide basic information about your event including name of event, location of your event, and the start and end time. If your event is at an established venue, it will likely already have a “page” and should be tagged accordingly. This allows users to find the venue space and look at a map much easier.


3. Do not forget to adjust privacy options for your event! You wouldn’t want unknown people showing up on your party, right? There are many different levels of privacy offered by Facebook depending on which kind of account you create the event from:


Personal Facebook settings
    • Public – seen by everyone and everyone can invite whoever they want
    • Private – only seen by people you’ve invited; will not show up in the timeline of people you have invited; best for when planning surprise parties


Public “Page” (Company pages, places, etc.,)
    • Public – seen by everyone, open for invitations, can be linked publicly; great for Dallas concerts, product launches, and conferences


    • Depending on your group privacy settings, the event you create will typically match. Groups are either Public, Closed or Private. Private and Closed groups automatically default to creating Private events. If the event it made from within the group, it will automatically invite everyone in the group. This setting can be extremely helpful to get an event started–but it important to be conscious of the privacy settings, as these can highly affect interaction and potential guests.


4.Include more details about the event; a catchy photo and description are helpful.

5. Be sure to modify particular “rules” for your event page. You can decide to show those who have RSVPed, allow attendees to write on the event wall and allow people to invite friends.

6. Once all is set about your event, you can now start inviting friends!

Furthering promotions for your event

If you want to maximize exposure for your event, especially for concerts in Dallas or other special events in which attendance highly affects the success of the event–ads may be an excellent option.

Facebook makes it extremely easy for people to create and post ads with its step-by-step instructions through Ad Manager. Be sure to specify the specific event in your Destination field to ensure people will be directed to the event page directly after clicking on your ad.

To further ensure people will click on your ad and consider attending your event, below are some helpful tips:

  1. Pay special attention to your keyword and demographic targeting.
  2. Specifically choose people with whom you’ll share your event; ensure that they are someone who would most likely attend the event and that they have lots of friends and contacts to spread the word about your event
  3. Choose a convincing title for your event, one that will surely grasp the attention of its readers. Make it easy to remember, share and tag but not too long so that users have trouble searching for it.
  4. Keep conversation flowing through your events page, post constantly on the Events wall, and chat with people visiting and commenting about the event; depending on the privacy level of your event, each comment you and your friends make on the event wall can be shown potential attendees’ news feeds; thereby, increasing exposure to your event.


Facebook is not just for socializing and keeping up with your friends and families. It also offers massive advertising and promotional opportunities if you know how to maximize its potential. Gilley’s Dallas venues South Side Music Hall, The Loft and Palladium Ballroom all effectively use Facebook events to advertise for concerts and other public special events in Dallas.

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