Mastering Simplicity: Gilley’s Dallas’ Tips For Planning The Perfect Wedding

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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

– Leonardo Da Vinci

Why have a cluttered tool box with too many hyper-specialized tools when you can buy one multi-purpose tool that fits all your needs? Gilley’s Dallas is your multi-purpose tool for effective wedding planning. As a “one-stop shop” for caterers, decorators and venue management, the wedding specialists at Gilley’s Dallas ease all complications for planning even the largest affairs.

Gilley’s Dallas event coordinators Dena Eichhorst & Amber Richey have a combined 13 years of experience with event management– and both understand the key to simple, stress-free weddings.

Dena & Amber shared valuable insight on the key to simple planning, happy brides and most of all–having a memorable affair.


1. You can’t have a happy wedding without a happy bride

— “A good wedding party is a happy bride!  If the bride is happy, nothing else matters. But an open bar doesn’t hurt either.”- Amber

2. Communication is key

— “To ensure that everything for a large event goes well, everyone involved must have a really good understanding of what the event entails and what the final client, or brides, expectations are for the overall outcome.” – Dena

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

— “A wedding planner is needed more when the bride wants assistance with cake tastings, dress fittings, coordinating photos, who walks down the aisle at what time and those sort of personal items. Here at Gilley’s we can handle everything else. There are so many things to consider when planning a wedding, but the most important are to dream big, but still have realistic expectations; stay calm and find time for a spa day to relax; and most importantly have fun!”- Dena

4. Be clear with your expectations

— Whether you want a small outdoor affair or a large ballroom, be clear with your vision so event coordinators can adjust accordingly. Simply finding the right venue space can be difficult, but having options makes things easier. Between The Loft, Lonestar Room, South Side Ballroom, South Side Music Hall and Brazos Room— Gilley’s Dallas can match a venue space for almost any theme.

5. Get the timing right

— When hosting both the reception and ceremony in adjacent spaces, develop a plan to efficiently transition parties from room to room. Whether this involves hiring more ushers, scheduling transitional events or posting strict schedules, coordinate a plan that fits your wedding theme.


Dena assures that “The Gilley’s Dallas in-house event team can take a bride through planning their wedding from start to finish ensuring a great experience throughout the process. Not only can we provide venue, catering and bar services, we can also arrange custom decor, entertainment and more”.

For more advice on wedding planning or questions about utilizing Gilley’s Dallas for your next event– feel free to contact us any time.

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